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August 11, 2015
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Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has been vested with the responsibility of developing Small Hydro Power (SHP) projects up to 25 MW station capacities. The estimated potential for power generation in the country from such plants is about 20, 000 MW. The majority of the potential is within Himalayan States as river-based projects plus in other says on irrigation canals. The SHP programme is currently basically personal investment driven. Projects are usually economically viable and private sector is showing countless interest in buying SHP projects. The viability of those jobs gets better with rise in the project ability. The Ministry’s aim is that at least 50% of the potential in the country is harnessed in the next 10 years.

Hydro Power Project Classification  Â

Hydro energy jobs are categorized in two segments i.e. small and enormous hydro. In India, hydro jobs up to 25 MW place capabilities are classified as Small Hydro Energy (SHP) tasks. While Ministry of Power, Government of Asia is in charge of big hydro tasks, the mandate for the topic small hydro energy (up to 25 MW) is given to Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. Little hydro energy jobs are more categorized as

Class Station Capacity in kW
Micro Hydro As much as 100
Mini Hydro 101 to 2000
Small Hydro 2001 to 25000

Small Hydro Power (SHP) Programme is just one of the thrust regions of energy generation from renewable when you look at the Ministry of the latest and Renewable Energy. it was acknowledged that small hydropower tasks can play a critical role in enhancing the overall energy scenario associated with nation plus certain for remote and inaccessible places. The Ministry is encouraging growth of small hydro projects both in the general public plus professional sector. Equal interest will be paid to grid-interactive and decentralized tasks.

Aim:   The Ministry’s aim is that the SHP installed capacity should really be about 7000 MW because of the end of 12th Plan. The focus of SHP programme is reduce the price of equipment, increase its reliability and establish tasks in places which give the maximum advantage regarding capability usage.
Water  Mill, Uttarakhand

Possible:Â An estimated potential around 20, 000 MW of small hydro energy projects is out there in Asia. Ministry of brand new and Renewable Energy has generated a database of prospective web sites of tiny hydro and 6, 474 prospective internet sites with an aggregate capability of 19, 749.44 MW for tasks to 25 MW ability are identified.

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