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August 9, 2018
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Security Plan for Hydropower Works Revision 3

Recent Highlights

Security Assessment Template for Group 2 Dams - A template for Protection Assessment of Group 2 dams has-been ready from a shared energy between a volunteer licensee team and FERC staff. The template comprises of three components: (1) a Microsoft term file formatting the assessment methodology, evaluation conclusions, tips and conclusions in adequate information to meet the Security plan requirements; (2) The FERC Hydro protection Inspection Form, to-be completed by the licensee (included in the MS keyword base report type; and, (3) a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet regularly evaluate most of the safety components relevant to any or all crucial possessions identified in the site. An analysis of base, land, and liquid avenues of method come in the spreadsheet. Usage of this template is not a requirement, and is provided for licensee consideration on a voluntary foundation.

Sample protection Arrange - an example of a Security Arrange had been required from a few FERC licensees. Listed here (redacted) document was produced by a volunteer licensee team to meet that function. Usage of this format isn't a requirement, and it is provided for licensee consideration on a voluntary foundation just. Various other safety Plan platforms and content will be considered by the FERC.

Security Letters - The following letters were issued by FERC regarding security concerns at hydropower dams after September 11, 2001.

Dam Assessment Matrix for Security and Vulnerability Risk (DAMSVR) - DAMSVR is a vulnerability assessment methodology for dams developed by FERC, USBR, USACE, ASDSO, and Foos Associates LLC (now Security Management Solutions).

Source: www.ferc.gov
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