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February 11, 2017
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Wendigo Power Partnership Inc. (WPP) is proposing the building of a hydroelectric generation station on the Larder River at Teddy’s Falls downstream of Wendigo Lake. The project site is found more or less 13 km northeast of Englehart, Ontario. This undertaking has been evaluated beneath the Class ecological Assessment for Waterpower works (April 2012) planning process.

Wendigo energy Partnership Inc. is completely owned because of the MoCreebec Council of the Cree First Nation.

At the moment, the environmental assessment preparation process prior to the evaluation of prospective results is continuous. The project staff is engaging with reviewing Ministries prior to the final round of assessment ahead of the issuance of Notice of Completion. Environmentally friendly Report documenting the results regarding the environmental assessment should be made available for review utilizing the Notice of conclusion.

Relevant project documents and contact information when it comes to Project Coordinator can be located below.

Venture Updates

In support of environmentally friendly assessment of this Teddy’s Falls Waterpower venture Woodland Heritage Services Ltd would be carrying out a phase 2 archaeological evaluation for the task location. The assessment and subsurface evaluating is planned the week of October 29th.

As part of the ecological assessment preparation procedure, the task description happens to be posted, with intention to introduce the initial task idea to make a basis for dialogue on regulating endorsement needs and facilitate general public consultation and very first country and Aboriginal involvement.


Project Contact

BluMetric ecological Inc.
Source: www.blumetric.ca
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