Make electricity from water

July 16, 2018
To Make Steam Without Boiling

water-electrostatic-experimentOf all the research stuff I’ve ever seen, this no-cost electricity research has actually caught my eyes and it is by far the most simple and easy interesting. It utilizes a source of water, two cans as well as 2 recipients. Seems not so difficult? Professor Walter Lewin from MIT why don't we observe he does it:

Apparently, this experiment involves the trend of electrostatic discharge. Static electricity collects from rubbing for the atmosphere with water on both sides, is stored in to the two circular cans additionally the collection buckets.

The cost disturbs drinking tap water flow for some seconds, and after the voltage difference between the 2 is high enough to permeate environment, the spark happens.

You can make use of this no-cost electricity device to light a fire or cost a tiny battery pack in which there’s hardly any other electric source present. Obviously, persistence is needed – the no-cost electricity manufactured by this is certainly little, but I guess pouring in greater volumes of water-can yield more useful outcomes.

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