Production of electricity by water power

April 7, 2017
6kW electricity generating
In a hydroelectric power plant, water is changed into electricity, which is carried to consumers along a transport and circulation community. steps in production of electrical energy

turbined liquid draining

After driving through the turbine, water rejoins the watercourse.

transmission to customers

The electrical energy is carried to aspects of usage by low-voltage circulation outlines.
overhead connection
network link

voltage reduce

Before integrating the electrical energy into the distribution network, the voltage is progressively reduced to 240 V.

high-tension electrical energy transmission

Utilizing high-voltage lines to transfer electricity over long distances reduces the strength of current and, because of this, energy losings.

head of liquid

The dam raises the water level generate a vertical fall over the duration of the penstock.

water under some pressure

Water assumes energy since it moves down the penstock and it is carried with power into the turbine.

transformation of technical work into electricity

The generator converts water power into electrical energy.
generator device

transmission of this rotative action towards the rotor

The motion associated with turbine is sent to your rotor because of the shaft.

rotation for the turbine

Moving liquid applies stress on turbine’s blades to really make it turn.
hydraulic turbine

production of electrical energy because of the generator

The generator creates electricity through motion of this rotor inside stator.

energy integration to your transmission community

The electrical energy created is integrated into the network.

voltage enhance

In the socket end regarding the power-plant, the transformer increases the current; this lowers energy losses during transmission over-long distances.

power transmission during the generator voltage

Electrical power created by the generator is transmitted to a transformer during the power-plant socket.

supply of water

Basin developed by building a dam, which keeps straight back a big level of water.
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