Pallivasal Hydroelectric project

July 22, 2018
Spice tea garden plantations

Munnar, the confluence of three streams, can be the main point where the three most popular contemporary styles in tourism meet. The rugged crags, steep slopes and deep ravines make the surface for the misty mountains around Munnar the best option for all sorts of adventure tourism like mountain climbing, river crossing, long trekking, and para-gliding. Tourists, that enthusiastic about water sports and other hydel tourism tasks, frequent the streams, dams and lakes within the vicinity. Eco- tourism which is aimed at renewable tourism atmosphere that gives because of importance into the regional residents while keeping the delicate eco-system is considered the most popular trend these days, and Munnar has actually a great deal to offer into eco-tourist.

Munnar the best option for all types of adventure tourism like mountain climbing, lake crossing, lengthy trekking, and para-gliding. Tourists, that interested in water sports as well as other hydel tourism activities, frequent the streams, dams and ponds in vicinity. Eco- tourism which aims at sustainable tourism environment that gives because of significance towards the local residents while protecting the fine eco-system is considered the most popular trend today, and Munnar has a great deal to provide to the eco-tourist.

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Pothamedu (6 kms from Munnar) : Manicured tea landscapes, lush coffee plantations and wood-shaded cardamom estates, with stretches of 'potha lawn' (from which title comes from) covered mountains all combine to produce this destination unforgettably.

Devikulam (7 kms from Munnar) : The curative properties of pure mineral waters of the 'Sita Devi lake' (which Sita, partner of Rama, is known having bathed) is the main destination right here. Rare kinds of nature close to Devikulam draw plenty of tourists to the place. The trail to Munnar, an integral part of Kochi - Madurai highway, is it self a feast to the eyes.

Pallivasal (8 kms from Munnar) : the website of first hydro-electric project of Kerala plus the bewitching beauty of nature throughout get this to spot a must - see place near Munnar. Here human achievements mate with scenic beauty associated with the high ranges to give visitors an unforgettable picture.

Chithirapuram (10 kms from Munnar) : The classic charm of old cottages, bungalows and courts with captivating greenery all-around make this place an enchanting tourist spot. The picture of the Pallivasal hydroelectric energy section on a single side and undulating mountains on the reverse side will cast a spell on beholder.

Lock Heart space (13 kms from Munnar) : Kochi - Madurai National Highway clings precariously on a rugged slope for over 2 kms, with mist-wrapped villages 2000 ft. below using one side and straight rugged structures on the other side. Rare wild plants including Kurinji tend to be numerous on either side of the gap. The cave thought to were utilized by Malaikkallan, a legendary Robin-Hood - like highway robber had been an appealing tourist spot till recently. It has today already been damaged away to expand the road.

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