Advantages and disadvantages of electricity generator

February 20, 2016
Advantages & Disadvantages of

DC Generators are the products which convert the technical power to the Electrical Energy of Direct Current type.

I will explore the generators at power system scale. Smaller machines my have importance enjoy simple windings, construction and control, but in the larger scale, things will vary.


Benefits of the DC generators are particularly couple of like easier parallel operation, simple design and building and less system security issues unlike the alternators.


Inherently, both AC and DC generators work on the Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. Whenever conductor cuts the magnetized area, emf is induced inside it. Now, the voltage induced within the armature for the DC generator is AC, but that is transformed into the Dc kind through Commutator. Therefore, basically that transformed voltage is supplied into load through the brush and slip-ring construction.

Today, we don't require any stats for the discussion, even as we can conclude by the qualitative evaluation that DC generators tend to be less efficient than the AC generators due to the reason that is actually is an AC generator, but it converts the created energy to the direct current kind, which obviously includes the losses and therefore reduces the effectiveness.

Now, once the DC generator has brushes and commutators, there was a sparking when you look at the construction also as a result of rubbing between the brush and commutator, there was even more requirement of maintenance. Therefore, they are not sturdy and require the frequent maintenance, unlike the AC generators, which haven't any these types of components and power is right extracted from the constant windings of this stator.

Commutation phenomena limits the reviews for the generators from going above some Megawatts. Considering that the present is extremely higher, arcing occurs and rapid changes in the commutator portions restricts the speed of this machine.

Also, the armature reaction increases, which needs use of the compensating windings as well as the needs the payment the self-inductance of windings.

Additionally, because of the sparking in the commutators because of the current flipping, it produces the electromagnetic sound.

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