Water turbine Electric generator

January 25, 2021
125KW Horizontal Micro Hydro

These turbines for rivers and canals enable the development of a base load supply, providing a total renewable power solution for the right cost-benefit possible. This proprietary technology is standardized and simply scalable. Although qualifying as “green”, these items sit as the best substitute for decentralized electrification along rivers.

The Smart Hydro energy turbine was created to make an optimum amount of electrical power with all the kinetic power of flowing seas. Because it is run on kinetic energy instead of possible energy, its referred to as a so-called “zero-head” or “in-stream” turbine. As a result, no dams and/or head differential are essential for the operation with this device; this course of a river remains with its natural condition with no high opportunities in infrastructure are required. Because the level of kinetic power (velocity) differs from lake to river, a higher quantity of energy is generated with a higher velocity of liquid movement.

Source: www.smart-hydro.de
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