Reaction water turbine

December 21, 2021
Barkers Water Mill; 8

Protect pictureThis report explores the overall performance attributes of a split response liquid turbine. The governing equations are derived by using the principles of preservation of size, energy and power for a practical instance, including consideration of frictional losings. The maximum diameter for a straightforward response turbine is defined and an equation for maximum diameter comes. Design and building processes for a split effect turbine are explained. Utilising the equation for optimum diameter and presuming a loss aspect (k-factor) of 0.05, optimum rotor diameters for different operating minds and rotational rates tend to be plotted and talked about. Assessed performance of a 122 mm diameter split effect liquid turbine rotor is provided. The relationship between k-factor and general velocity for a split effect turbine design is discussed with reference to experimental data.


  • Easy response turbine;
  • Water turbine;
  • Low head;
  • Hydro electric;
  • Barker's Mill
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