First country to developed Hydroelectricity

March 5, 2019
Gandaki hydropower project
Given the CONCERN, identify the ANSWER 1. Which of after is a large salt-water lake in Eastern European countries?
• Black Water
• Lake Ladoga
• Baltic Sea
Response: Ebony Water

The Ebony water is a sizable salt-water pond in Eastern European countries.

2. Which associated with the following is a sizable salt-water lake in Eastern European countries?
• Lake Ladoga
• White Water
• Caspian Sea
Response: Caspian Water

The Caspian water is a large salt-water pond in Eastern Europe.

3. The liquid body that separates Europe from Africa when you look at the West?
• River Ural
• Strait of Gibraltar
• English Channel
Solution: Strait of Gibraltar

The Strait of Gibraltar separates Europe from Africa in the western.

4. Which is the liquid human anatomy that distinguishes Europe from Asia?
• Strait of Gibraltar
• English Channel
• River Ural
Answer: River Ural

River Ural distinguishes European Countries from Asia.

5. The mountain that separates Europe from Asia?
• Canterbrain Mountains
• Ural Mountains
• Carpathian Mountains
Response: Ural Mountains

The lower Ural Mountains split up European countries from Asia.

6. The water body that separates the British Isles from the mainland?
• English Channel
• North Sea
• Bay of Biscay
Response: English Channel

The English Channel distinguishes the Uk Isles through the mainland.

7. _______ may be the highest peak in the Alps of Europe.
• Mount Elbrus
• Mount Matterhorn
• Mount Blanc
Response: Mount Blanc

Mount Blanc could be the highest peak in the Alps of Europe.

8. _______ is a well-known top within the Swiss Alps near the Italian edge.
• Mount Matterhorn
• Mount Blanc
• Mount Elbrus
Answer: Mount Matterhorn

Mount Matterhorn is a popular top within the Swiss Alps near the Italian edge. It is one of the more picturesque and famous peaks worldwide.

9. _______ could be the highest top of European countries.
• Mount Blanc
• Mount Elbrus
• Mount Matterhorn
Solution: Mount Elbrus

Mount Elbrus could be the highest top of European countries. It really is lying in the Caucasus Mountains. Its level is 5633 meters. It is an extinct volcano.

10. The Caucasus Mountains lie between your _______ water and _______ water.
• North, White
• Adriatic, Aegean
• Black, Caspian
Response: Black, Caspian

The Caucasus Mountains lie between the Ebony Sea as well as the Caspian Sea. The best peak of Europe, Mount Elbrus, is based on these mountains.

11. In European countries, cyclones of temperate latitudes are known as _______.
• depressions
• hurricanes
• typhoons
Solution: depressions

Cyclones of temperate latitudes, especially in European countries, are called depressions.

12. citric fruits tend to be cultivated in the _______ region of Europe.
• Mediterranean
• Continental
• Taiga
Solution: Mediterranean

Citrus fruits (oranges and lemons) are developed into the Mediterranean area of European countries. These fruits are processed and maintained as jams and drinks.

13. The _______ is the most essential animal of this Tundra area.
• reindeer
• horse
• fox
Answer: reindeer

The reindeer is the most important pet associated with the Tundra region. It gives beef and milk. Its skin can be used for garments and tents. Its bones are utilized as needles. Its internal organs provide vitamins and salts needed because of the human anatomy.

14. _______ ended up being the first country in the world to produce hydroelectricity.
• Netherlands
• Norway
• Finland
Answer: Norway

Norway ended up being the very first nation worldwide to produce hydroelectricity.

15. The _______ region of European countries may be the largest producer of olives and olive oil worldwide.

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