Renewable energy water turbines

January 22, 2019
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Energy your motorboat or river-side house or apartment with a microhydro water turbine. Our little water generators can produce enough electricity for an electricity efficient residence or cabin.

How do micro-hydro generators in fact produce electricity? Is water power feasible for your home energy system?

See our tech notes part and learn to design your own home hydro power system.

See and compare exactly how liquid generators alongside energy resources interact in a property power system.

Micro-hydro power methods

Not every person is lucky enough to own a source of running liquid near their particular homes. However for those with river-side domiciles or live-on boats, small water generators (micro-hydro turbines) are the most reliable way to obtain green energy readily available. One relatively tiny liquid turbine will produce energy non-stop, so long as operating liquid can be acquired, whatever the weather.

We are very happy to introduce an extensive line of micro-hydro liquid turbines, including LVM's AquaGen and Ampair's Aquair UW submersible propeller turbines, Harris Pelton and Stream motor impulse turbines, and a thorough type of little reaction turbines like the LH1000, Nautilus, Neptune, Niade and energy Pal micro-hydro energy systems.

For those who have a great way to obtain year-round operating liquid, a couple of water turbines might be all they have to power their domiciles. But for all those with regular, winter-only channels readily available, a little liquid generator could be the ideal back-up for a solar system's off-peak season.

If you believe property water-power system may be right for you, browse our site for more information, or contact us for assistance piecing together a microhydro system to meet your preferences.

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