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May 11, 2018
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Tips Surrender a License or Exemption

The Commission problems licenses and exemptions for hydropower projects beneath the terms associated with the Federal Power Act (FPA). To surrender a license or exemption, the licensee/exemptee must register a request using Commission. The Division of Hydropower Administration and Compliance processes applications to surrender a project permit or exemption to ensure that safety and environmental issues are dealt with before permitting the task to-be taken from federal jurisdiction.

Surrendering a permit

To surrender a license, the licensee must prepare a credit card applicatoin according to area 6.1 associated with Commission’s regulations . Each application for license surrender must feature:

  1. the explanation for surrendering the license; and
  2. a duplicate of license and all amendments associated with the project.

Besides, a surrender application for a significant project must be performed and recorded in the same type and way as permit application.

All licensees filing a surrender application utilizing the Commission must deal with problems such as:

  • dam and public safety, and
  • environmental sources.

The licensee must recognize all task functions:

  • dam and reservoir,
  • power-plant,
  • transmission lines,
  • fun functions, etc.

and exactly how they will be disposed. Licensees should review articles that address environmental problems and check with the right resource agencies before processing the application aided by the Commission.

Surrender applications for constructed projects will include a plan for decommissioning the project. Decommissioning can include leaving task functions in-place for other utilizes, or elimination of task functions and website repair. The master plan should address any dam safety or ecological problems which could continue to be after the permit is surrendered.

If task works have been built on national land, the licensee is needed to restore the lands to a disorder satisfactory towards the division having supervision over such lands; yearly costs will continue until such repair happens to be satisfactorily completed plus the surrender becomes efficient.

When the surrender application is full, the Commission will issue a public notice with at the least 30-day opinion duration before acting. The Commission will simply approve a surrender of license after the licensee features fulfilled its obligations under the permit and/or as founded by the Commission.

Surrendering an Exemption

To surrender an exemption, the exemptee must lodge a petition with the Commission in accordance with parts 4.95 (Conduit Exemption) or 4.102 (Exemption) for the Commission’s laws. The petition must integrate:

  1. the reason for surrendering the exemption; and
  2. a description of the way the task works and places will undoubtedly be disposed. For example, if the exemptee intends to take away the project works, it should submit a strategy and routine outlining reduction and repair of the web site to make sure general public and environmental safety. If project works tend to be to stay in-place, the exemptee must describe the measures it takes to disconnect the generating equipment through the electric grid.

For fully and partially constructed tasks, before filing a petition utilizing the Commission, the exemptee must talk to the Federal and state seafood and wildlife companies in accordance with area 4.38 associated with the Commission’s regulations concerning the personality and repair of the project works and places.

For built jobs, the Commission will issue a general public notice of bill of the petition for at least comment amount of 30 days. The Commission may recommend conditions in exemption that must be satisfied because of the exemptee prior to the surrender becoming effective. Besides, the Commission in addition to Federal and state seafood and wildlife agencies may recommend problems according to the disposition of such project works and repair of task lands for constructed jobs that really must be fulfilled before the surrender getting effective.

Source: www.ferc.gov
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