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February 20, 2014
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The dam or water reservoir is an essential part of the hydroelectric power plants. Water stored in the dams is employed for creating electricity in hydroelectric energy plants. This short article discusses factors impacting the location of dams for hydroelectric energy plants.

  • Problems with Dams

    The dam also referred to as as water reservoir is the most important part of the hydroelectric energy plants. Most of the liquid which is used for generation of electricity in the hydroelectric energy plants is stored in the dam. Since huge quantities of liquid tend to be stored in the dam, it is very important that bed and walls associated with the dam should certainly maintain all the hydraulic pressures of water. Water has size and large quantities of liquid have actually huge body weight that will be exerted in the sleep and wall space associated with the dam. If wall space associated with dam are not strong adequate to maintain the forces of water, the wall space will break and water will spread toward surrounding areas producing damaging floods which have possible resulting in large scale destruction of human, pet and vegetation.

  • Facets Affecting selecting Site for Dams

    Aside from the construction of this dam, choosing correct web site for the dam is very important. Choosing the appropriate web site may help undertaking construction of powerful dam and it will in addition help reduce risks because natural catastrophes like planet quake. Check out associated with important factors to-be considered while selecting your website for the dam for hydroelectric power plants:

    1) Good topographical area along the road of river: best place across the course of the lake is river canyon or within location in which there is narrowing of the lake. In the event that aim would be to keep optimum amount of liquid, then your number of basin above dam must certanly be determined so that sufficient volume of water-can be kept in it. The right site is certainly one in which discover broad and level area.

    2) Right geological structure: The stone structure on which the dam will likely to be built ought to be powerful adequate to sustain the extra weight of dam and liquid stored in the dam. The rock structure should certainly maintain all of the noticeable and invisible causes. The rock construction must be stable and there should be the very least occurrence of earthquakes in the area. The rock construction cannot permit the seepage of liquid plus it should always be waterproof.

    3) adequate water is present: The circulation of water where dam is constructed should always be adequate enough to fill the dam. There clearly was lots of losing liquid from dam due to evaporation, the movement of river water should always be ready accommodate this loss of liquid without affecting producing electrical energy from hydroelectric power plant.

    People residing round the areas where storage space basin will be built and the areas that'll be submerged should-be persuaded to go after that and so they should really be provided proper settlement and suitable resettlement areas. If this element is ignored the likelihood of the success of the hydroelectric power-plant will reduced.

Dam in Hydroelectric Power Plants

Dam or water reservoir are the most critical an element of the hydroelectric power flowers. Water kept in the dam carries possible energy. This group of articles covers crucial subjects pertaining to dams like forms of dams, elements affecting variety of area for dams, risk aspects with dams etc.

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