Generator used in hydroelectric power plants

March 1, 2020
Unit / Hydro Power Station
Introduction of hydro generator
It is a water-to- wire generator utilizing the turbine as prime engine. When the water circulation undergoes turbine, it changes the water energy into technical power. After the rotation of this rotor of generator driven by turbine’s spindle, it changes the technical energy into electrical energy power to production. hydro generator may be the main power equipment to making electricity energy in a hydropower place.

The capacity of generator vary from 100KW to 200MW. Plus the range of its voltage is 0.4kV-13.8kV; The insulation class includes B/F-grade. Hydropower generator is driven by hydro turbine.

Kinds of hydro generator
According to its axis place, hydro generator is generally divided into two types: horizontal and vertical. Huge and medium sized products generally adopt the straight kind layout, whoever max. rate can attain 750 r/min. While horizontal type typically is used for method and little capability devices, whose max. speed can achieve 1500 r/min.

As per its excitation mode, Hydro generator are classified as brushless excitation product and excitation with brush generator.

Capacity and speed course of hydro generator :


Rated power Pn (kW)

Ranked rate Nn (r/min)




Micro hydro generators

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