Cost of building a hydroelectric power plants

June 1, 2016
Cost overruns power plants

it is very difficult to produce generalisations towards cost to create hydro systems due to the different combinations of mind (the change in water levels involving the intake and release) and optimum circulation price, and just how that impacts the utmost power result and selection of turbine kind.

Also the extent of any civil manufacturing works is quite website centered, with some new-build web sites requiring every thing become built from scratch, while various other retrofit jobs will make use of and adjust the existing municipal manufacturing frameworks.

However, we’ll attempt to answer the question anyhow to offer an idea of the ‘scale’ of costs included. The table below is a rough ball-park estimation of typical project costs for methods requiring an ‘average’ quantity of civil engineering works and grid connection updates and assuming use of your website had been reasonable. In every situations the assumption is that top quality equipment is used throughout, which we'd suggest anyhow if you prefer a dependable hydro system into the lasting.

It is possible to put in systems for a lower cost, specially if the present infrastructure on website lends it self to simple adaption for today's hydropower system so just small or no civil engineering works will be needed. Nevertheless in probably the most favourable conditions it really is not likely the expense would decrease by significantly more than 50percent from that shown into the table.

Optimum Power Result Calculated Project Cost £ / kW set up
25 kW £169k £6.8k
50 kW £300k £6.0k
100 kW £529k £5.3k
250 kW £963k £3.8k
500 kW £1.6M £3.2k

To calculate the cost to create hydro systems for an optimum energy result involving the groups shown, utilize the chart under and read-off the right £/kW figure – including a 130 kW hydro system is approximately
130kW x 4, 800 £/kW = £624, 000.

Hydropower system build price

You’ll observe that really small hydropower systems are disproportionately high priced, and this is basically because hydro projects of every dimensions need certainly to include an amazing fixed-cost factor within design and consenting phases, and also to a slightly reduced degree through the set up phase. This is why we generally speaking advise people who to get an economically-viable hydropower system the maximum energy production will have to be at least 25 kW, and preferably about 50 kW. Smaller methods make sense, specially at internet sites with higher minds or if perhaps various other intangible benefits, such as durability, ecological security or promotion, tend to be respected up to return on the investment.

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