River diversion definition

April 22, 2017
The diversion dam across the

Learner's concept of DIVERSION

formal : the work of changing the path or use of one thing : the work of diverting something


  • The inclement weather pushed the diversion of a number of flights. [=several routes needed to land someplace else due to inclement weather]
  • small diversions of river water for irrigation


  • The officials were charged with unlawful diversion of general public funds. [=they were charged with using public cash illegally for many improper purpose]
2 formal : a thing that individuals do because it is enjoyable, entertaining, or pleasant
  • Hiking is one of my personal favorite diversions.
  • Our town provides few diversions.
  • Recreations offer him with a welcome diversion through the pressures of his task.
  • We are in need of some diversion. [=amusement, activity]
3 [count] : something which takes interest from what's happening
  • He produced a diversion while their partner stole her pocketbook.
[count] British : 1detour 2
Source: www.learnersdictionary.com
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