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December 26, 2020
Swiss Cheese Plant

Supporters associated with the effort argued the security of old reactors, operating since the very early 1970s, could not be guaranteed. Instead, they needed even more energy efficiency and renewable energy resources.

“An orderly stage away creates more safety and protects our country, ” in accordance with the campaign slogan associated with the initiative committee.

If it absolutely was approved, three flowers might have must close as soon as next year and Switzerland would have phased out atomic energy manufacturing by 2029. Almost all of the Swiss atomic reactors have actually limitless working licences, which are susceptible to endorsement because of the regulator.

The proposition ended up being backed by an alliance of leftwing events, trade unions and environmental organisations.

Key points

Switzerland has five nuclear energy reactors, creating about 34.5% of the electrical energy. It uses nuclear power to create electrical energy, in analysis and medication.

Worldwide you can find 447 atomic power plants in 31 countries, according to the Global Atomic Energy department (IAEA). An experimental power reactor at Lucens had been written down in 1969 after a core melt.

Two reactors, Beznau 1 and Leibstadt, are off grid as a result of fixes. The Mühleberg plant will likely be shut down in 2019 according to the energy station operators.

Plans to develop two power plants were abandoned into the 1980s next anti-nuclear protests.


Opponents, like the primary centrist and rightwing events in parliament along with the business neighborhood, dismissed the suggestion as risky and too hasty.

They stated it produced even more uncertainty, risk and chaos for electricity supplies in Switzerland, and argued the country will have needed to boost power imports from abroad, notably from coal-fired power programs in Germany and nuclear reactors in France.

Inside run-up toward November 27 vote, opponents warned that proposed stage down may lead to blackouts and trigger considerable payment statements from the providers of this power flowers.

Energy Strategy

After the atomic disaster in Fukushima, the Swiss federal government in 2011 decided in theory to decide out of nuclear power production by 2034. In its power policy, the government recommended decommissioning all nuclear reactors and to promote hydroelectric power, renewable power and combined gas flowers.

Final September, parliament authorized an energy strategy, ending a lot more than 2 yrs of discussion. The programme foresees improving green power resources and outlaws the construction of nuclear energy flowers. But sets no deadline the current reactors becoming shut down.

Unsatisfied using the Energy approach 2050, the rightwing Swiss People’s Party is challenging regulations to a referendum, criticising in the pipeline federal government subsidies for green energy resources.


Nuclear ballots

The Nov 27 was vote had been the 7th all over the country ballot on atomic energy in Switzerland since 1979.

Ballots additionally took place at cantonal and local levels, notably on the storage space of atomic waste, general public stock ownership in nuclear organizations or a ban of atomic energy products for public utilities.

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