Plant factor hydropower

July 12, 2022
Fig. 1

Hydropower will simply be produced for flows up to the utmost Turbine Flow. Note: you must enter a non-zero value for optimum turbine movement in order to create hydropower. The fixed-head defines the working water directly the turbine-the length water falls. The Plant Factor specifies the percentage of every month the plant is working. The plant Generating performance defines the generator's total operation effectiveness in transforming the vitality regarding the dropping liquid into electrical energy.

Optionally, to allow for situations in which you need prioritize reservoir releases to build hydropower, there are 2 methods for specifying hydropower energy demands in WEAP: as specific power demands for every reservoir or operate of lake hydropower, or as an aggregate power need at the system level. You are able to choose either method, and sometimes even use both at precisely the same time. See provide and ResourcesSystem Hydropower interest in more information about system-level aggregate power demands.

Individual power demands: If you indicate a non-zero Hydropower Priority and Energy need, WEAP will transform the energy demand into an equivalent number of liquid that must flow through the hydropower plant that thirty days to fulfill that demand. According to the hydropower priority, this flow requirement will undoubtedly be pleased either before, after or simultaneously as various other demands for liquid regarding the river. If the hydropower concern is zero, WEAP cannot release liquid from upstream reservoirs exclusively to come up with hydropower as of this run of river plant. You may possibly change the concern eventually or from scenario to some other. See need Priority, provide Preferences and Allocation Order to find out more.

See Hydropower Calculations for calculation formulas.

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Data View, department: Supply and Resources River Run of River Hydro, Tabs: maximum. Turbine Flow, Plant Factor, Generating Effectiveness, Fixed-head, Hydropower Priority, Energy Demand

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