Hydro power plant layout

July 12, 2022
Layout of a hydropower plant

2001 - 2005

The Sun Koshi little hydropower plant is a run-of-river scheme built with two Turgo turbines. The Small Hydropower Promotion venture (SHPP), implemented by Entec, assisted the task throughout the planning, design and building stages. Main activities included reviewing a detailed feasibility research, enhancing plant layout, and supervising construction. An electrical Purchase contract (PPA) ended up being determined with all the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) in November 2001 to feed electricity into the nationwide grid. The plant finally began procedure in 2005 after a construction period of two years.

Site location
Dhuskum, Sindhupachowk District, Central Nepal

Plant owner
Sanima Hydropower (P) Ltd., Kathmandu

Plant requirements

Design discharge Qd = 2.62 m3/s
Web head Hnet = 126 m
Power (electrical) Pel = 2.5 MW


Year of implementation


2003 - 2005


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