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February 7, 2016
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Guiding Principles on Sustainable Hydropower


The transposition of energy systems towards renewables is amongst among crucial challenges for communities. Beside actions to boost the effectiveness of this use of energy, tapping additional renewable energy potentials is needed when it comes to reduced amount of greenhouse fuel emissions in order to combat climate change. Next to wind, solar and biomass, hydropower plays an important role inside supply of renewable power in addition to stabilisation of electricity grid.

However, like other kinds of green energy also hydropower is not regarded as sustainable per se as a result of various bad ecological effects inter alia on fish populations, deposit transport or adjacent wetlands, thus requiring a balanced strategy for conservation of healthy ecosystems.


Acknowledging the process of renewable hydropower development when you look at the framework of existing appropriate and plan framework, the Ministers regarding the Danube nations requested the ICPDR in the frame regarding the 2010 Danube Ministerial satisfying “to organise in close collaboration utilizing the hydropower industry and all sorts of appropriate stakeholders a diverse discussion procedure using goal of establishing leading concepts on integrating environmental aspects when you look at the use of existing hydropower plants, including a possible boost of these effectiveness, along with the look and building of brand new hydropower plants”.

Elaboration procedure

The experience was released last year and is creating regarding the accomplishments of an identical process on Inland Navigation, which was already previously launched alongside the Sava Commission and Danube Commission. The aim is to get the correct stability and an understanding about how to address dilemmas of present hydropower, respectively to ascertain assistance for where and just how to develop hydropower later on.

The 3 “Lead Countries” Austria, Romania and Slovenia focused on simply take a more powerful part inside the framework regarding the ICPDR being guide the entire process of the introduction of the Guiding Principles. This work was supported by a “Team of Experts” with participation of associates from power and environmental administrations, the European Commission, Energy Community, industry associates including environmental interest groups in addition to scientific neighborhood.

During a number of meetings and workshops, an Assessment Report and a collection of Case Studies and Good Practice Examples were elaborated, accompanying the Guiding Principles that have been finalised and used by the Danube countries in Summer 2013.


The “Guiding axioms” are mainly dealt with to community systems and skilled authorities responsible for the look and consent of hydropower. This consists of particularly figures in the national, regional and neighborhood degree in control of power, environment and water management. Additionally in addition they provide appropriate information for possible people in the hydropower industry plus NGOs plus the interested general public.

Next steps and follow-up

The practical application of the Guiding Principles on national degree may be facilitated by a change of experiences in frame of a follow-up procedure and building from the set up community. The outcomes associated with activity are anticipated having essential ramifications the Danube area. The hope is the fact that this process brings transparency and openness to the decisions impacting liquid and power created by ministries and hydropower organizations in the months and years to come.

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