Plant definition for Kids

October 2, 2022

Flowers live organisms such as for instance trees, herbs, shrubs, grasses, vines, ferns, mosses, and green algae. They give you united states with meals materials, timber and convert carbon monoxide into life-giving oxygen. They're consists of numerous parts such as for instance origins, stem, renders, buds, flowers, fruits etc.

Figure of elements of a concerning children

Plant and its own components

Figure 1: Plant and its own parts

Parts of Plant for Kids


Roots are derived from the reduced part of a plant and are in the earth. Their particular functions tend to be to absorb nutrients and moisture, anchor the plant within the earth, support the stem, and store food like carrots. In some flowers, they can be employed for propagation.


The stem is the top part of the plant and holds limbs, leaves, blossoms and fresh fruits. Stem is typically green when younger and soon after frequently be woody and darkish. It conducts water and nutrients from the root on leaves. Some stems do the big event of storage of meals as an example potato, ginger, turmeric


A bud is an undeveloped shoot from where leaves or rose components grow. Increased buds or components of buds additionally form the edible portion of some plants for instance cabbage.


Leaves supply woods with all their particular meals because they turn sunlight into meals energy through photosynthesis. Leaves additionally result in the air in the air that individuals breathe.


Blossoms generally will be the showiest element of a plant. Their beauty and fragrance attract pollinators (insects or birds) that play a crucial role within the reproductive procedure.


Fruit could be the fleshy construction of particular flowers which may be sweet and edible in natural condition, eg apples, oranges, grapes an such like. It includes seeds that are for propagation of plant. The seed contain meals which provides power and materials for growth until the plant develops its first leaves above the ground.

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