Parts of a hydroelectric dam

September 7, 2022
Energy Information

Start off by walking forward today into Jackson County. The road you are on crumbles at the end.

The El Diablo pistol is location close to the open motorist's home regarding the rusting police jeep. There's some liquor and nail/scissor components lying on your way behind the trunk area.

Proceed with the "path" and soon you have been in the lake sleep. Go down the river, jumping over rocks which can be in your means.

Comic 7: Foreign Element
Before going beneath the connection towards the hydroelectric plant, on a slope to your right is a rusted up automobile, and a collectable comic for Ellie.

Loot the area, then mind up to the wheel beside the dam. Switch it to improve half of the improvised bridge, after that get within the railway this is certainly upriver to circumambulate the medial side of building. Plunge within the liquid and swim straight down until you find a sunken building. In the roof is a wood palate that you can kick free.

Use the pallet to bring Ellie to the other region of the dam. She'll change the wheel on this side, therefore get back to where you came from and stroll throughout the newly created connection. Jump-off the walkway to check out the abandoned camp site.

Optional discussion 25: tall five Ellie after that walk over into grave marked with a teddybear to talk with Ellie.

Now turn around and climb within the stones. You arise sandwiched between a fence therefore the power-plant wall. Go over towards the outpost locate some products and an artifact. There are some supplements behind the bulldozer.

Artifact 56: Power Plant Map
In the same outpost using the supplies, you discover this pinned into wall in there.

When ready, make an effort to open up the ability plant doorways. From then on coming in contact with reunion, walk along with everyone until you reach the building.

Optional discussion 26: There is a recommended conversation with Ellie about ponies while she is petting one and you can additionally pet the horse your self.

So now you work with Tommy. He's got anything to exhibit you, so get communicate with him. Go upstairs and check out the left into a-room with supplements and parts then return away and follow Tommy to the center regarding the power-plant.

Optional discussion 27: externally system, prior to you heading to the center, is a female with a rifle with whom you have a recommended conversation.

Training Guide 8: Smoke Chemistry
There is an exercise manual on countertop by the main console, so grab it to create your smokescreens last twice as long.

There's a work workbench over right here also, so build any updates you want. Go fully into the turbine area, and watch as power gets restored towards the center.

Firefly Pendant 18: walk-down right here and get into a home underneath the space you were just in. There is some supplies and a Firefly Pendant in right here.

While prepared, follow Tommy through the far door in turbine area.

You men tend to be under attack today! Fight your way through turbine space and out straight back in which you just came from.

Artifact 57: Plant Schematics
Be sure to grab the Artifact available inside control area before making.

Battle the right path across the connection then in to the other building. Eliminate all males that assaulting. You may be today on a horse chasing down Ellie.

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