Advantages and disadvantages of thermal power plants

November 1, 2018
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A Gas-turbine power section uses fuel turbines as prime mover for creating electricity.This power section is typically used in conjunction with vapor energy section. This energy place can help create restricted amounts of electrical power. Generally in most countries these energy stations are employed as peaking energy section.


This energy place is run with gas as gas. The turbines lure air in front associated with the device and then compress; blend with gasoline and ignite the blend at high-pressure. The hot fuel circulated expands through turbine blades connected to the turbine shaft. The shaft turns hence building mechanical energy that is converted into electrical energy by the generator.

Pros & Cons:

Positives :

  1. Its an easy task to design & construct versus a Steam energy facility, since no boilers are needed.
  2. A great deal smaller when compared with Steam Power facility of same ability
  3. Lower running expenses
  4. Less water made use of because there is no need for a condenser
  5. Maintenance fees are low
  6. Is started quickly
  7. No stand-by losses

Cons :

  1. Dilemma of starting. Compressor needs to be running hence outside way to obtain energy is essential.
  2. Net output is reduced since greater energy can be used to drive compressor.
  3. General performance of plant is reasonable ≈ 20% considering fatigue fumes however containing temperature. just efficient in a Combined cycle configuration
  4. Heat of burning chamber is just too large therefore causing a lower life expectancy life.

Steam energy section


Steam/Thermal energy place

A steam/thermal energy station utilizes temperature energy created from burning up coal to produce electrical power. This particular energy section is popular worldwide.

This energy section makes use of the Rankine cycle this is actually the cycle of the vapor stated in the boiler, then taken up to the steam-turbine (prime mover). From turbine the vapor is cooled back once again to water into the Condenser, the ensuing water is given back in the boiler to repeat the period.

Because of the abundance of fuel (coal), this type of energy section enables you to produce considerable amounts of electrical energy. In many nations these power channels are utilized as base load energy channels. The reason being vapor power channels tend to be sluggish to start and can not be regularly cater for top lots that generally speaking happen for a short timeframe.

These energy programs (together with nuclear power stations) are kept operating really close to full efficiency every day and night daily (unless they have been becoming preserved). Obtained typical life of 30 to 40 many years (although most governing bodies have paid off this number to 35 many years).


  1. Inexpensive coal is employed
  2. Can be put in anywhere near gasoline & water-supply
  3. Needs less construction space
  4. Expense for Generation is less


  1. Smog from smoke fumes
  2. Costs more to run compared to other types of power channels
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