Energy from water Flow

May 23, 2018
Ecodrain heat exchange 1

The implementation of big mesh-type cordless communities is challenging because of the large number of arising dilemmas. Perpetual operation of a network node is undoubtedly among major targets of any energy-aware protocol or power-efficient equipment platform. Energy harvesting has emerged whilst the all-natural way to keep little fixed equipment platforms operating, even though running continuously as system routing products. This paper analyses solar radiation, wind and liquid circulation as feasible power sources that may be investigated to meet up the energy requirements of an invisible sensor community router within the context of precision agriculture, and gift suggestions a multi-powered system solution for wireless products. Experimental results prove which our prototype, the MPWiNodeX, can handle simultaneously the 3 energy sources for recharging a NiMH battery power, causing an almost perpetual procedure associated with evaluated ZigBee community router. Additionally, the power scavenging strategies twice up as sensors, producing data from the number of solar power radiation, liquid flow and wind speed, a capability that avoids the usage of particular detectors.


  • Energy harvesting;
  • Energy administration;
  • Power resources;
  • Acquisition station;
  • Precision farming

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Raul Morais dos Santos graduated in Electrical Engineering from the University of Trs-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD), Portugal in 1993. He obtained the M.Sc. degree in Industrial Electronics in 1998 from the University of Minho, Portugal while the Ph.D. level in Microelectronics in 2004 from UTAD. Currently, he could be an Assistant Professor into the division of Electrical Engineering, UTAD. He could be also a researcher in Signal Processing and Biotelemetry group within Center when it comes to analysis and tech of Agro-Environment and Biological Sciences of UTAD (CITAB/UTAD), and then he is involved in the improvement instrumentation solutions and mixed-signal sensing interfaces for agricultural applications. He is additionally leading the CITAB effort of implementing an agricultural remote sensing community when you look at the Demarcated Region of Douro, a UNESCO history Site.

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