Small Hydro Power

October 7, 2022
Small Hydro Power Development

While it is a cost-efficient technology, small hydro faces some special challenges. One of them, the up-front investment over time and sources necessary to acquire project approvals are a significant burden for tiny hydro developers. Licensing prices are mainly similar regardless of measurements of the set up. But small tasks bring in less income versus jobs that create more power, rendering it more challenging for small project developers to absorb these prices.

Effective permitting can really help grow tiny hydro capability

Small hydro jobs must obtain a FERC permit or license exemption, which is often a long and complicated procedure. Even though present development in dealing with development obstacles is made, there is even more work nonetheless to-be done.

In August 2010, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission additionally the State of Colorado finalized a memorandum of comprehending on little hydro, simplifying the procedures for establishing tasks within the state. The pilot program marks an essential step toward a far more efficient certification and regulating procedures for hydro tasks. FERC has additionally taken tips to improve outreach to project designers and it has implemented web-based enhancements to help relieve the little hydro certification procedure.

Interest in small hydro is increasing: in 2013, Congress unanimously passed a bill eliminating specific little conduit tasks from FERC supervision while maintaining current condition environmental protections. In addition it made certain specific small jobs could be eligible for exemptions. It was as a result to an upward trend in interest from little designers at FERC. With this fast growth comes the requirement to build upon these efforts and gives greater assistance for low-impact tasks. Greater intergovernmental cooperation, improvements to the exemption process and much more R&D funding enables spur improvement small hydro. At the same time, the vast majority of currently permitted non-federal projects — 89 % — tend to be tiny, at 30MW capacity or less.

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