Dam turbines

October 12, 2022
Hoover dam turbines

St. Lawrence- Franklin D. Roosevelt Energy Project

The Power Authority's history started with hydropower, and our first creating center may be the St. Lawrence-Franklin D. Roosevelt Power Project, located on ny's border with Canada. We began making hydroelectricity in 1958, the consequence of a cooperative energy involving the U.S. and Canada. Adjacent to our task is Ontario Power Generation's Robert H. Saunders Generating facility, which shares with us an electrical dam that stretches throughout the St. Lawrence River the size of 10 football fields.

The Robert Moses-Robert H. Saunders energy Dam features 32 turbine-generators, divided similarly because of the worldwide edge and operated separately by each utility. The energy Authority's 16 generating units can create over 900, 000 kilowatts of electrical energy, ample to light the places of Albany, Buffalo and Syracuse!

In 1998, the energy Authority started a $281-million Life Extension and Modernization system at its St. Lawrence-FDR project. Besides replacing all 16 turbines, workers are rebuilding or renovating the rest of the energy dam's creating equipment, with a scheduled completion date of 2013 (find out more).

Here is how it works:

The St. Lawrence River holds the outflow of all of the five of this Great Lakes, the planet's biggest source of fresh-water, to your Atlantic Ocean. On the way, river-water pours in to the power dam's intakes and falls about 80 feet to the spiral-shaped scroll situation encircling each turbine. Since this rushing water turns a turbine, an attached rotor spins inside a stator, a ring of securely bound copper cables in a generator, creating a power present.

Hydroelectricity is safe, clean, dependable and affordable. The economic advantages of St. Lawrence-FDR are far-reaching. Over fifty percent associated with the task's production materials regional industries that employ several thousand of the latest York's North nation residents.

Our entire energy project stretches across St. Lawrence River Valley for 37 kilometers, within the Towns of Waddington, Louisville and Massena. Besides the main power-plant, it includes two control frameworks upstream: the Iroquois and Long Sault dams. And now we've built a large number of acres of parkland over the lake for recreational enjoyment and wildlife conservation. In 2005, we unsealed a energy task site visitors center at nearby Hawkins aim, in which interactiveexhibits and panoramic views showhow St.Lawrence-FDR converts rushing liquid into clean, dependable hydroelectricity.

The 50-year federal permit that permitted the ability Authority to create and function the St. Lawrence-FDR project expired in 2003. A relicensing process, directed at acquiring national and condition approvals to carry on project procedure, had been finished, and a brand new license ended up being given by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on October 23, 2003.

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