Inside of a dam

May 5, 2022
Generator photo rotor

Norris Dam

Relevant Protection

ROCKY TOP (WATE) – very little changed in 80 years at Norris Dam, like the control room.

Control Area

These days, Norris Dam is remotely run from Chattanooga, nevertheless the control area acts as a manual backup and a way to monitor products if the dam is generating energy. Plant supervisor Eric Bodiscomassink states unless the first yards break, they’re not replaced.

Hydroelectric generating devices“As you can view a lot of our material seems old and it's also old, but it’s all however functional, ” said plant manager Eric Bodiscomassink. “It’s pretty amazing. Back the ’30s they place all this work collectively and it also nevertheless works.”


Downstairs from control area are a couple of hydroelectric generating devices that creates 110 megawatts of electrical energy, sufficient juice to energy around 50, 000 domiciles. Water driving from region of the dam to another causes a turbine to spin which transforms the wheel pit.

Gate SluicesGiven that wheel pit converts it makes electrical energy. That energy is collected when you look at the generators that take a seat on the most effective right for the wheel pit.

The hydroelectric producing products play a big part in the lake amounts of Norris Lake. Bodiscomassink states water standard of the lake can transform by eight to nine foot based how many devices are fired up.


Looking upwards towards the top of Norris DamIf you can get close adequate to the dam, you’ll probably see splits and water running down the facial skin. “Water will causes it to be way through the cement at some time, but certainly not is that mean the dam is going to fail, ” said Bodiscomassink.

As you consider the face for the dam, you may not realize you will find long, narrow tunnels in the middle, connecting various sections of the dam and allowing staff members to steadfastly keep up moving parts, like flood gates at the top of the dam and sluices at the bottom. A sluice is a water station this is certainly controlled at its mind by a gate.

Heart associated with the Dam

About 100 foot below the dam, close to the base of the pond is the heart associated with dam. It’s normally cool and there’s liquid seeping through the concrete.

In the event that you go deep enough to the dam there's a cave few folks have been in because the construction regarding the dam when you look at the 1930s. It will require 121 steps for right down to the cave. There's also no electricity therefore no lights in cave.

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