Hydroelectric dams in California

October 26, 2022
FIre big

What number of undammed rivers stay static in California? It depends on whom you ask. After talking with a number of professionals, we developed a brief listing, including the Smith, the Clavey, the South Fork associated with the Trinity and also the Mattole.

Based on Ron Stork, senior plan recommend for Friends associated with the River, one lake in state is undammed from supply to ocean: the Smith River, tucked up in northwest spot of Ca nearby the Oregon edge.

Although Smith is not the only real solution we got.

"The Cosumnes could be the just major river that i am aware of the doesn't have an important dam about it, " said Eli Ilano, deputy woodland manager for the Tahoe nationwide woodland, increasing issue of what is considered a "major" lake.

"there clearly was a little dam on [the Cosumnes], " Steve Rothert, the Ca Director at United states streams revealed. "i believe it is today kind of defunct, but it has a dam upon it." As an alternative, Rothert pointed to a little tributary associated with Tuolumne. "lots of people start thinking about here to-be one lake that is not dammed in Ca, and that's the Clavey River."

Others proposed the Mattole inside Lost Coast in addition to South Fork associated with heavily dammed and redirected Trinity River.

Additionally relies on exacltly what the concept of "river" is.

"in certain respects this matter is slightly harder in California considering our very climate therefore the undeniable fact that we have some streams that are really wet many which can be fundamentally ephemeral streams, " Jones stated.

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