Benefits and drawbacks of dams

August 25, 2022
Benefits and drawbacks of dams

Dams are designed across rivers to keep water for irrigation, hydroelectric energy generation and flooding control. The dams created to offer more than one purpose are known as "multi-purpose dams". These dams were known as the "temples of modern-day Asia" by the country's very first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru.


  1. Dams are built to regulate flood and store flooding water
  2. Sometimes dams are used for diverting part or all of the liquid from river into a channel.
  3. Dams are employed primarily for drinking and farming reasons.
  4. Dams are designed for generating electrical energy
  5. Dams can be used for leisure functions
  6. Navigation and fishery could be created inside dam areas

PROBLEMS OF DAMS Dams may face dilemmas upstream or downstream as given just below:

Upstream problems

  1. Displacement of tribal men and women
  2. Reduced non-forest land
  3. Losing woodlands, flora and fauna
  4. Landslides, sedimentation and siltation occurs
  5. stagnation and waterlogging around reservoirs retards plant development
  6. Breeding of vectors and vector-borne conditions
  7. Reservoir Induced Seismicity (RIS) triggers earthquakes
  8. Navigation and aquaculture activities is developed inside dam area
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