Cons of dams

August 23, 2022
Pros and Cons of Dams and

Grand Rapids is regarded as many communities in Michigan in which the aging process dams provide options for habitat enhancement. The next program will target exactly what this may mean for fish populations.

Over 2, 500 dams prevent the normal flow of Michigan’s rivers. In many cases, these dams no more provide their initial function. In Grand Rapids, a series of four small cofferdams had been at first meant to beautify the Grand River preventing the nasty odors that arose from polluted oceans when areas of the river channel went dry. That has been almost a century ago, and improvements to liquid high quality paved the way for existing discussions concerning the future associated with the lake.

While the little cofferdams provide little purpose, a larger framework generally Sixth Street or 4th road Dam is offering unintended advantages in the form of unpleasant Dam in low water in Grand Rapids, Michigan species control. This dam may be the first buffer to ocean lamprey migrating upstream from Lake Michigan, as well as its elimination would open up 1, 500 kilometers of lake and flow habitat to this parasitic pest.

Numerous teams are actually thinking about options to pull some or all dams in a fashion that would provide for lamprey control while improving economic advantages from recreational use eg whitewater kayaking and fishing. Development of areas and personal properties over the river could significantly benefit the town following dam treatment, while effects from floodwaters and unpleasant types might be severe if you don't taken into account when you look at the planning process.

For everyone motivated by an aspire to restore all-natural riverine habitat, the problem in Grand Rapids increases hard questions. Complete renovation of historical rapids and floodplains won't be feasible because floodwalls today shield the town and the bedrock in the event that rapids had been eliminated in some areas. Also plans for partial renovation for the rapids should include a sea lamprey buffer that may in addition stop numerous local fish from going upstream. But, discover some opportunity to improve current habitat for indigenous species and improve seafood passageway.

On Saturday, August 24, Michigan State University Extension is providing a course on Kent County office for people contemplating mastering more about fish types based in the Grand River and exactly how dam removal might impact all of them. This system is geared toward graduates of the Master Naturalist program and also qualifies for Master Gardener recertification (4 knowledge hours). Full details are obtainable on this flyer. The price is $30.00, non-refundable. Area is bound and subscription is required.

This article had been published by Michigan State University Extension. To find out more, check out . To own a digest of information delivered right to your mail inbox, go to . To contact an expert in your town, go to, or call 888-MSUE4MI (888-678-3464).

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