Good things about hydroelectric power

June 4, 2018
Hydropower is new source of

So what does a provider's fuel mix mean?

During the period of per year, power companies must buy adequate electricity to feed into the nationwide electrical energy grid to cover the amount their customers take-out. This is done by investing electrical energy on a market with generators, or by taking from manufacturers’ very own generation capability - like our wind farm in Delabole, for instance.

After annually, companies must reveal their particular gasoline mix (the percentage of electrical energy they've procured from each power origin - coal, gas, nuclear and renewables) to OFGEM. This can be published yearly to aid customers make informed alternatives about their particular electricity supplier. At Good Energy, we make sure that most of the electrical energy we offer to clients each year is coordinated 100percent with electrical energy sourced from renewables.

The average kWh of electricity in the united kingdom causes 360g of CO2 emissions and 0.007g of radioactive waste.

As a 100percent renewable electrical energy supplier, the electrical energy we provide contains 0g of CO2 no radioactive waste.

Solar power

Solar power photovoltaic systems, more commonly called solar power or PV, convert power from the sunlight into electrical energy.

For domestic properties photovoltaic is usually the most common form of renewable technology as they can be the cheapest and simplest to set up, and offers ‘free’ electrical energy if the sunlight is shining (once installation is complete). When you look at the UK, a lot more than 750, 000 PV systems were installed since 2010.

How does it work?

PV panels are made up of a thin layer of semi-conducting material, sandwiched between a sheet of glass and polymer resin. Whenever sunlight hits the solar panels, the semi-conducting product 'energises' and produces electricity. This electricity produced is direct current (DC) so prior to it being used it has to be converted, through an inverter, to your much safe alternating current (AC).

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