Where are hydropower plants located?

July 26, 2017
Hydropower plant, pumped

The obvious oceans of River Sesia inside Italian area of Piedmont are revered among fishermen as the cradle of fly-fishing. Inside snowboarding resort of Alagna, nor definately not the origin, the tiny hydroelectric energy place creates eco-friendly normal electrical energy.

The Bätterkinden small hydropower section when you look at the canton of Berne ended up being constructed in the centre of this village of Bätterkinden in 1984 and totally refurbished in 2001.

Located in the municipality of Bischofszell when you look at the canton of Thurgau, the two small hydropower programs Bruggmühle and Sittermühle happen producing electricity from green energy sources since 1930.

In 1892, being drive his mill with hydropower, Victor Eberle built a 15 meter high concrete dam within the bed of this River Glatt regarding the border between the municipalities of Gossau and Flawil (canton of St. Gallen).

The run-of-river power stations Büttenen 1 & 2, which are located in the municipality of Grellingen (canton Basel-Land) generate electrical energy for the equivalent of 1, 200 households.

The Isenhammer (also called Eisenhammer) small hydropower section is found close to the village of Flawil when you look at the canton of St. Gallen.

The former whirling mill in Freienstein (canton Zurich) was constructed in 1836. When it had been closed in the 1990s, both current turbines had been decommissioned.

The Grüneta small hydropower plant is situated in the municipality of Müllheim in the canton of Thurgau and generates electrical energy when it comes to equivalent of over 300 households.

With a production of 500 kW, the Hagerhüsli little hydropower section creates adequate electrical energy to supply a lot more than 600 homes when you look at the canton of Berne.

The Le Bayet small hydroelectric energy station, which Alpiq obtained in 2008, is found in the French Alps near Albertville. It will be the very first small hydroelectric power station acquired by the Alpiq Group in France. The generated electrical energy is the same as the typical yearly need for around 3400 households.

The Model small hydropower section in the River Thur in Weinfelden into the canton of Thurgau produces 2, 510, 000 kWh of electricity annually.

Source: www.alpiq.com
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