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June 26, 2017
Blenheim-Gilboa Power Plant
Blenheim-Gilboa Pumped Space Energy Project

The Catskill Mountains are house to a particular type of hydroelectric center that serves as a huge energy-storage device—the Blenheim-Gilboa Pumped storing energy Project. Nestled beneath 2, 000-foot-tall Brown hill, this task makes multiple million kilowatts of electricity in peak need durations by attracting water from Schoharie Creek and recycling it between two huge reservoirs.

Blenheim-Gilboa acts two vital functions. It saves cash for New York consumers by giving inexpensive electrical energy if they need it most. Plus it shops liquid for emergency power production. If necessary, this project could be ready to go within two minutes. It can "pinch hit" if another plant or range abruptly is out of solution.

Here is how it operates:

NYPA's Blenheim-Gilboa Project places each one of the reservoirs—one atop Brown hill, others at its foot—holds five billion gallons of liquid. Once we're generating power, water cascades down a concrete shaft that's 5 times taller than Niagara Falls. When we're saving water—usually during the night or higher the weekend—we reverse the method and pump the water backup the shaft for storage.

The device permits united states, virtually, to "go using circulation"—to take advantage of the day-to-day highs and lows in statewide electricity need. To phrase it differently, we could create power as soon as we need it—generally within the belated mid-day or early evening—and shop the water that fuels the energy when we don't need it. The electricity Blenheim-Gilboa makes use of to go back liquid to its top reservoir is inexpensive excess energy provided during low-demand durations. The price of this energy is cheaper than the electrical energy our project replaces listed here time during peak-demand durations.

At Blenheim-Gilboa, we produce electricity at powerhouse, a concrete construction that sits at the base of Brown Mountain regarding the financial institutions associated with lower reservoir. More than three-quarters associated with the facility is underground. If the lower reservoir is full, just five foot associated with plant is seen over the liquid.

A $135-million four-year system to modernize and expand living of this Blenheim-Gilboa task had been finished in might 2010. As part of the four-year program, generally LEM (Life Extension and Modernization), certainly one of project’s four turbine-generator units had been taken out of service each be seduced by about eight months. A lot of the unit’s mechanical and electrical elements were replaced, with fixes designed to most other areas. With completion of project, the four products have a generating capacity of 290 megawatts each, supplying a broad task creating ability of just one, 160 megawatts.

The unspoiled beauty surrounding Blenheim-Gilboa is a pleasure for the many visitors—local residents and out-of-town tourists—who flock right here for academic and recreational pursuits. Besides making power, we function a Visitors Center which help maintain adjacent attractions that create good times besides.


On Jan. 19, 2012, NYPA hosted a general public conference in Schoharie County to provide information about our a reaction to Tropical Storm Irene in the Blenheim-Gilboa energy task in North Blenheim.

Source: www.nypa.gov
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