Runoff off River hydropower plants

September 6, 2022
Refer Fig. 3

Vodní elektrárna Bukovec

Brno Kníničky

Kninicky Hydropower Plant in Brno reservoir in Brno-Bystrc ended up being created as a peak origin destined to overlay increased electrical energy usage at morning and night peaks. It was put in operation in 1941.

Brno Komín

Komín Hydropower Plant in the river Svratka equalizes through-flow for MVE Kninicky under the Brno reservoir today, though it was built as a pumped-storage hydropower plant sooner than the Brno reservoir. It had been put into procedure in 1923.

Vodní elektrárna Čeňkova pilaBukovec

The tiny hydropower plant Bukovec is found after a restored diversion station regarding the Berounka lake. Its a run-of-river plant which uses the hydrostatic drive for the lake produced by a good weir on edge for the cadastries of Pilsen suburbs Bukovec and Bolevec. The inlet to the diversion channel is ca 700 m before the plant and is mounted with coarse racks and sluice gates.

Čeňkova pila (Cenek's Saw-mill)

Vodní elektrárna Černé jezeroNew: ! In location previously used to float timber to Dlouha Ves, where it was then tied into rafts, an important Prague business owner Cenek Bubenicek founded a saw-mill and a lumber-yard in the center of the nineteenth century. In 1908, the saw-mill ended up being modernized and three water tires had been set up truth be told there. Two wheels ran two types of framework saws for processing a lot of different wood, the 3rd was used for working wood-working machinery. If the city of Kasperske Hory became the owner of the complete center, it placed on Susice area workplace for a permission to build an electric plant.

Vodní elektrárna DalešiceČerné jezero (Black Lake)

Inside 20´s associated with twentieth century, the greatest natural lake into the Czech Republic – Černé jezero in Šumava – inspired the main chancellor for technology through the State workplace in Prague to create initial pumped-storage hydropower plant in Czechoslovakia after that. Západočeské elektrárny became the task buyer and technology had been created and supplied by Skoda Functions Plant in Pilsen. Building work ended up being completed and also the plant was put in operation in 1930.

Vodní elektrárna Dlohé Stráně Vodní elektrárna Hradec Králové Vodní elektrárna Hracholusky Vodní elektrárna Kamýk

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