Vortex hydro turbine

January 22, 2015
Vortex generator

SETUR winnerWebThe rising need in "green" power generation have enforced new needs on exploring all possible solutions provided by green energy kinds. Water, which is loaded in nature addressing large places eg seas and oceans, presents very favorable options. But old-fashioned technologies have up to now run inefficiently in exploiting reasonable velocity water sources, like those experienced in sea currents, tidal streams, little streams and brooks.

Taking into account that reduced velocity all-natural water resources constitute a large proportion associated with global hydrodynamic potential, SETUR turbine presents huge market potentials. Energy harvest, in tiny quantities, may considerably improve individuals resides particularly in remote areas where it is difficult or impossible to generate electricity via traditional energy sources and technologies.

Bladeless Hydrodynamic SETUR Turbine is dependent on vortex trend. It harnesses power of reduced velocity liquid sources e.g. ocean currents, tidal streams, rivers, canals and other sources of hydrokinetic power. SETUR turbine are cost-effectively used as a standalone self-contained system or in multi-unit hydro energy facilities. The turbine has been successfully tested over the years and it is now commercially readily available.

Source: vortexhydro.com
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