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January 1, 2020
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Hydroelectric power plant dams hydropower plants dam engineering - Studio Pietrangeli leading consultancy company in africa, europe, asia, america - dams photosStudio Pietrangeli (SP) was started in 1964 by Giorgio Pietrangeli to provide specialised engineering solutions for huge dams and hydropower plants.


The firm’s solutions cover all stages of a project and are normally taken for conception to tracking during procedure, including all design tasks, specialised researches, investigations, supervision of the works, an such like.
Although our core activities pay attention to dams and hydropower plants, we in addition specialise in large municipal structures (tunnels, , etc.) and enormous hydraulic works (water supply systems, irrigation plants, harbors, etc.).


Studio Pietrangeli’s staff of approximately 80 folks includes globally well known specialists, designers as well as other specialists and technical staff specialised inside various task areas. While SP’s head office is within Rome, the firm also has branches in Sierra Leone, Ecuador, Tanzania and Ethiopia and in other places creates its short-term premises and/or makes use of local partners’ facilities.

dams design and building leading international consultancy company Hydro power-plant hydropower plants dam manufacturing - Studio Pietrangeli engineers staff picturesEXPERIENCE

Our extraordinary domestic and worldwide experience verifies the outstanding quality of our work. Studio Pietrangeli features successfully finished the look of over 160 dams, 60 hydropower plants, 250 kilometer of hydraulic tunnels plus several irrigation, water-supply and sewage therapy flowers.
Alongside its more conventional engineering schemes, Studio Pietrangeli, from the beginnings, has constantly suggested revolutionary solutions to complex technical problems.


The company is in charge of the engineering of a handful of important worldwide works recently finished or under construction. Those recently completed feature Beles 460 MW, Gibe II 420 MW and Bumbuna 1st period 50 MW, while our two record-breaking projects under building tend to be Gibe III (world's greatest RCC dam, 240 m)and Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (6000 MW). many Studio Pietrangeli jobs, offered their particular innovative solutions and value, have already been discussing and/or cited in prestigious magazines such nationwide Geographic, International water-power in addition to Economist, cited in encyclopedias (Wikipedia) and regularly show banknotes (Sierra Leone), rechargeable phone card and certain issues (Ethiopia).


Today, a number of the firm’s jobs are conceived in mere a few weeks through use of so-called “fast track” practices making use of satellite imagery, helicopter surveys, area geotechnical investigations, with the outcome that many of our biggest hydropower projects have now been implemented in mere four many years from conception to operation.


Studio Pietrangeli's specialists are used to in all types of circumstances, from roughing it in area camps in African forests to going to formal conferences because of the highest echelons of government, business and finance. Their particular passion because of their work never changes.

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