Why are dams Constructed?

August 29, 2022
What Are Dams?


How come we need dams?

In old times, dams had been built for the single purpose of water supply or irrigation. As civilizations developed, there is a better requirement for water supply, irrigation, flood control, navigation, water high quality, sediment control and power. Consequently, dams are constructed for a specific function such as for instance water supply, flooding control, irrigation, navigation, sedimentation control, and hydropower. A dam is the foundation within the development and handling of liquid sources improvement a river basin. The multipurpose dam is a critical project for establishing countries, due to the fact population receives domestic and economic benefits from an individual financial investment.

Demand for liquid is steadily increasing across the world. There isn't any life on earth without liquid, our vital resource apart from environment and land. During the past three centuries, the quantity of liquid withdrawn from freshwater sources has grown by a factor of 35, world population by one factor of 8. With all the current world populace of 5.6 billion nonetheless growing for a price around 90 million per year, along with their genuine expectations of greater requirements of living, international water need is anticipated to go up by a further 2-3 per cent yearly inside decades ahead.

But freshwater resources are limited and unevenly distributed. When you look at the high-consumption nations with rich resources and a very developed technical infrastructure, the many ways of conserving, recycling and re-using water may more or less suffice to suppress further growth in offer.irrigation_ICOLD in several various other areas, however, liquid accessibility is crucial to any additional development above the present unsatisfactorily low level, and also to the mere survival of current communities or even to meet up with the constantly developing demand from the rapid boost of their population. In these areas guy cannot forego the share to be made by dams and reservoirs on harnessing of water resources.

Regular variations and climatic problems in flow impede the efficient using river runoff, with floods and drought causing problems of catastrophic proportions. For almost 5 000 many years dams have actually served to make certain an adequate availability of liquid by storing liquid in times during the surplus and releasing it in times of scarcity, therefore in addition avoiding or mitigating floods

With their present aggregate storage capacity of about 6 000 km3, dams clearly make a significant share toward efficient handling of finite water sources being unevenly distributed and subject to big regular changes.

The reasons of dams:

Most of the dams are single-purpose dams, but there is now an increasing number of multipurpose dams. Making use of the most recent publication of the World Register of Dams, irrigation is by far the most frequent reason for dams. One of the single purpose dams, 48 % tend to be for irrigation, 17percent for hydropower (production of electrical energy), 13per cent for water-supply, 10per cent for flooding control, 5per cent for relaxing and less than 1% for navigation and seafood farming.


Presently, irrigated land covers about 277 million hectares for example. about 18per cent of world’s arable land it is in charge of around 40per cent of crop result and employs almost 30percent of populace spread over outlying areas. Utilizing the large population growth expected for the following decades, irrigation needs to be expanded to boost the foodstuff ability production. It is estimated that 80% of additional meals production because of the year 2025 will need to originate from irrigated land. Despite the extensive actions to save liquid by improvements in irrigation technology, the building of more reservoir tasks may be required.


Hydroelectric power flowers usually vary in size from a few hundred kilowatts to many hundred megawatts, but a few enormous flowers have capacities near 10, 000 megawatts to supply electrical energy to many people. World hydroelectric energy flowers have actually a combined capability of 675, 000 megawatts that creates over 2.3 trillion kilowatt-hours of electrical energy each year; supplying 24 % of this world’s electricity.

In a lot of nations, hydroelectric power provides most regarding the electrical energy. In 1998, the hydroelectric plants of Norway while the Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire) offered 99 percent of each and every nation’s energy; and hydroelectric flowers in Brazil offered 91 percent of total used electrical energy.

inland_navigation_ICOLDElectricity created from dams is by extremely far the biggest renewable power source in the field. More than 90% associated with world’s renewable electrical energy originates from dams. Hydropower now offers special possibilities to manage the energy system by being able to quickly answer top demands. Pumping-storage flowers, using energy produced during the night time, whilst need is reduced, is used to push liquid to the higher reservoir. That water will be made use of during the top demand period to produce electricity. This system these days constitute the sole economic mass storage space available for electrical energy.

Water-supply for domestic and industrial use:

It is often stressed exactly how essential liquid is actually for our civilization. It is vital to understand that regarding the total rain falling regarding earth, many drops regarding ocean and a big percentage of whatever drops on earth ultimately ends up as runoff. Just 2per cent of total is infiltrated to replenish the groundwater. Properly prepared, designed and built and maintained dams to store liquid add notably toward fulfilling our water supply needs. To accommodate the variations inside hydrologic pattern, dams and reservoirs are required to keep liquid and then supply much more consistent supplies during shortages.

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