Why dams are built?

August 27, 2018

When students tend to be asked about dams, a lot of them recognize that dams form ponds in it and, therefore, shop water. Students is almost certainly not clear about why this water will be saved, as well as other features of this dams, such as for example making hydropower or the risk of decreasing the risk of downstream flooding during tiny or medium sized rains. Dams play a crucial role when you look at the American western, especially in states such Ca, with numerous big towns and a vast farming business that is dependent upon a thorough network of dams and canals. Training about dams enables students understand just why dams are necessary for our communities, as well as the way they affect the all-natural habitat over the rivers and canyons in which they are built.

Watch this movie of 3rd and 6th class students in inland and seaside communities in California. The goal of this classroom movie is always to observe how students explain dams to be able to help you plan training on the topic.

Source: www.nationalgeographic.org
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