Hydro power Generators

December 20, 2019
108: Hydro Power Generators 4

GE's medium and large hydro generators were created for run-of-river and high mind hydropower plants.

Our knowledge and experience in Hydropower allows our GE team to suit consumers because of the best technology due to their web site. We provide:

  • Low-speed machines ideal for run-of-river flowers relating to Bulb or Kaplan turbines; and
  • High-speed devices used in combination with Francis and Pelton turbines for high head hydro energy

All of our medium and large hydro generators (> 50 MVA) tend to be engineered to reduce thermo-mechanical stress on the generator construction, which plays a role in improved dependability and extended lifetime. Furthermore, our generators incorporate a stator core pushing system to ensure pressing power is provided correctly in which its needed: in core.

a closed loop atmosphere ventilation circuit is standard with this method and enormous devices and, when needed when it comes to site problems and generator setup, we provide advanced cooling systems.

Source: www.gerenewableenergy.com
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