Dam Generator

April 6, 2019
Hoover Dam Generator Hall

Take note! Liquid launch schedules frequently change with no warning considering unanticipated changes in climate and power system needs.

Use caution near dams. A lot of liquid might released without warning at any time. Your protection varies according to obeying all posted protection regulations and warnings. Find out more.

Old Hickory will likely be spilling until additional notice.

Generation Releases

Time Period Of Time Generators

Observed Information

Time (Eastern) Reservoir Elevation (behind dam)* Tailwater Elevation (below dam)* Normal Hourly Discharge*

*Elevations come in legs above sea level. Flows have been in cubic foot per second.


Liquid launch schedules tend to be updated occasionally throughout the day. Next-day release schedules are usually offered by 6 p.m. associated with the present day.

Observed liquid amounts are also updated sporadically each day. Predicted liquid levels tend to be updated at least one time on a daily basis, by 1 p.m. Eastern time, and could be updated with greater regularity when problems warrant.

Source: www.tva.com
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