Francis water turbine

April 18, 2020
1MW Small Francis Turbine

Caused by our target product advancement, GE developed the band gate option, a cylinder that moves amongst the stay vane while the guide vanes that may replace the standard butterfly or spherical valves. This technology results in paid down maintenance prices and enhanced protection, all while increasing plant performance.


A crucial technical part of hydro energy flowers, our bearings include the many current technologies:

  • Liquid bearings that increase overall efficiency, tend to be environmentally-conscious and minimize working prices
  • Thrust-bearing membrane aids that minimize rubbing loss and enhance safety in businesses
  • Self pumping bearings that minimize operating costs while increasing reliability and protection

Refurbishment Programs

Older hydropower plants benefit directly from our ongoing attempts to boost the efficiency, result, and safety of your Francis turbines. Our refurbishment programs develop overall performance offers an extremely competitive answer for increased revenue generation.

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