Images of Hydro energy

May 25, 2022
Hydropower Statistics

Product with a turbine that transmits the water’s technical energy toward generator’s rotor making it check out produce electrical energy. generator device

bottom band

Circular component beneath the wicket gates that keeps all of them in position.


Machine that includes a rotor and a stator; it creates an electric up-to-date.

runner knife

Stationary curved dish in the turbine’s runner; it gets the thrust of liquid to show the runner.


Movable area of the turbine that transmits the motion of this liquid towards the shaft to which it is attached to turn the rotor.

draft pipe

Conduit during the foot of the turbine that boosts the runner’s production by reducing the pressure of the water because it exits.

draft pipe liner

Addressing which usually manufactured from metallic; it shields the draft tube from erosion.

spiral case

Duct shaped like a spiral staircase which is used to distribute water uniformly all over turbine to make it change efficiently.

turbine headcover

Construction that addresses top of the part of the turbine’s runner.


Stationary an element of the generator that is made of a coil of copper conductors, which gathers the electric energy created by the rotor.

gate working band

Movable unit that controls the opening and finishing of wicket gates.

thrust bearing

Device that holds the push for the turbine and fat of the turning elements of the generator device.


Product that supplies electric energy towards rotor’s electromagnets.


Movable an element of the generator that's composed of electromagnets; its rotation induces an electric powered up-to-date in the stator.

remain vane blade

Fixed panel that gets pressurized water from the spiral situation and directs it over the wicket gates.

wicket gate

Movable panel that regulates the movement of water going into the turbine assure a consistent rotational rate associated with the runner.

remain band

Group of two rings connected together because of the stay vanes.


Cylindrical part that communicates the activity associated with turbine’s runner into generator’s rotor.

hydraulic turbine

Machine whose runner is running on water; it transmits mechanical power towards the rotor making it switch.

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