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June 23, 2019

Trevallyn Power facility unsealed its doors to the general public on Saturday.

ELECTRIC TRAINING: a trip group is led through Trevallyn Power facility only five kilometres from Launceston's CBD. Picture: Paul Scambler.

The Trevallyn energy facility was established to your public on Saturday, for an up-close evaluate the state’s most valuable power assets.

Hydro Tasmania’s production and maintenance manager Jesse Clark said the trip was indeed extremely popular.

“Tasmanian hydropower features obviously been an extremely relevant concern over the past nine months approximately [and] we’re pleased to offer members of the city an uncommon opportunity to see first-hand the way we produce clean green power, ” he stated.

Mr Clark stated it had been gratifying to share with you their utilize household, pals and people in the community.

“i do believe it is one of these simple things in which you head to work each day therefore don’t arrive at share that with a lot of individuals, ” he said.

“There’s in addition lots of people in Tassie with a connection with Hydro, their particular moms and dads or uncles or other nearest and dearest worked at Hydro and it also’s great to be able to start it up for them to take a look at.”

The energy place ended up being commissioned in 1955 and contains had one major update in 2005, where two of this four turbines had been upgraded.

“What we have actually is four turbines, four units, and their particular combined total is about 94 Megawatts making energy into the national market, ” Mr Clark stated.

Liquid from a dam in the Southern Esk River is diverted through a 3.2 kilometre tunnel into section and it is discharged into the Tamar River at sea-level. Tours were additionally held at Gordon energy facility and John Butters Power Station early in the day in October.

Source: www.examiner.com.au
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