Design of hydropower plant

May 13, 2021
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Cover imageIn this research, the feasibility of hydroelectric energy generation from Kayabogazi dam, which was built because of the State Hydraulic Functions of chicken (DSI) in 1987 inside city of Tavsanli, Kutahya, for irrigation and flood control purposes is investigated. Since a lot of liquid is supplied from dam into town of Tavsanli as normal water, that amount is deducted through the complete and it is prohibited to be utilized undergoing electric power generation. By assessing the total amount of incoming water towards Kayabogazi dam when you look at the period of 1995 and 2003 years, many agreeable turbine kind and size is decided for a little hydropower plant (SHP). Within purpose, seven various situations were considered. As a conclusion, the case used three turbines what type of them is set up to work with from the higher movement rates has-been determined as the best setup. Inside research, a power generation varying between 0.313 and 4.997 MW happens to be achieved inside standpoint of installed capacity for Kayabogazi dam. Therefore, it has been determined an electricity generation around 10, 579 MWh per annum.


  • Electricity;
  • Susceptibility evaluation;
  • Little hydropower plant;
  • Chicken
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