What are the advantages of dams?

September 24, 2017
Advantages and Disadvantages
1. As soon as a dam is constructed, electrical energy may be created at a constant price.

2. If electrical energy is not required, the sluice gates could be shut, stopping electrical energy generation. The water are saved for usage another time when electricity need is high.

3. Dams are designed to last numerous decades and so can contribute to the generation of electrical energy for many years / decades.

4. The lake that types behind the dam can be utilized for water-based activities and leisure / satisfaction activities. Usually big dams come to be places of interest in their own right.

5. The pond's water-can be used for irrigation purposes.

6. The build up of liquid in the lake means that energy may be kept until required, once the water is released to produce electricity.

7. Whenever being used, electrical energy generated by dam methods don't produce green house fumes. They don't pollute the environment.

1. Dams are incredibly costly to construct and needs to be built to an extremely large standard.

2. The large cost of dam construction implies that they must function for all years in order to become lucrative.

3. The flooding of big areas of land means the surrounding is destroyed.

4. Folks located in villages and cities being in the area to-be overloaded, must re-locate. This means they lose their particular farms and organizations. In certain nations, folks are forcibly eliminated to ensure hydro-power systems can go ahead.

5. The building of large dams trigger really serious geological damage. Like, the building associated with the Hoover Dam in america caused numerous earth quakes and has now depressed the earths area at its location.

6. Although modern-day preparation and design of dams is good, previously old dams happen considered breached (the dam provides underneath the body weight of water in lake). It has generated fatalities and floods.

7. Dams built preventing the progress of a river in one country means your water-supply from same river in the following country may be out of their control. This can induce serious issues between neighbouring countries.

8. Building a large dam alters the normal water table amount. For instance, the building of Aswan Dam in Egypt has modified the level of water table. This is slowly ultimately causing damage of numerous of the ancient monuments as salts and destructive nutrients are deposited when you look at the stone work from rising moist caused by the altering water-table level.

Source: www.quora.com
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