Water dam diagram

August 22, 2019
Collapsible Water Dam Diagram

The drawing of this Granite Reef Underground storing Project (GRUSP) below illustrates exactly how underground liquid banking works, and exactly how the Granite Reef Diversion Dam allows liquid to attain the SRP channel system. Below the diagram, you'll read a step-by-step description associated with procedures.

Underground storage space

SRP's water financial jobs, such as for example GRUSP as well as the New River-Agua Fria River Underground space venture (NAUSP), place liquid into storage space in big underground aquifers. Both services are operated by SRP on the behalf of the facility proprietors. GRUSP is possessed by SRP, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe. NAUSP is possessed by SRP, Avondale, Chandler, Glendale, and Peoria.

The majority of the water kept in GRUSP — illustrated into the diagram above — is from Colorado River. The process is described below. Each numbered action corresponds to that particular function into the drawing overhead.

  1. Water through the Colorado River is taken to the CAP Canal
  2. From CAP Canal, the water moves to SRP's South Canal
  3. Liquid is then circulated into the GRUSP distribution channel
  4. Then very carefully assessed and fed into recharge basins
  5. During these basins, water quickly soaks into the permeable sand and gravel
  6. The water then travels right down to increase the number of water already in the saturated levels of sand, silt and gravel below

Exactly how Granite Reef Diversion Dam works

The dam is employed to improve the river water degree allowing the water to move into SRP's channel system. The steps the following describe the way the dam works. Figures correspond to the features in diagram above.

  • The Arizona Canal (9) carries water to places north associated with the river additionally the Southern Canal (2) provides lands south. Only at that exact same area, Central Arizona Project (1) crosses the Salt River as well as the SRP system.
  • Just north associated with the Salt River, the CAP Canal becomes a set of huge pipelines that siphon (10) the Colorado river-water underneath the Salt River.
  • The CAP liquid reappears after the siphon on bluff south of this Salt River, in which its raised by a CAP pumping plant (11), continuing its trip south to Pinal County as well as the Tucson location.
Source: www.srpnet.com
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