Hydroelectric dam animation

July 31, 2016

The action of water can be used to make electrical energy.
Energy from liquid is created because of the power of water moving from
a higher height to a reduced elevation through a sizable pipeline (penstock).
Whenever liquid achieves the termination of the pipeline, it strikes and spins
a water-wheel or turbine. The turbine rotates the attached shaft,
which then turns the generator, making electricity. The turbine
and generator change technical power into electricity.
The water is a green resource, since water is returned to
the reservoir through rain. The animation on right shows exactly how
a hydroelectric dam works.

Hydroelectric power is used numerous locations in Michigan.
An example could be the hydroelectric plant in the Soo Locks. This
plant materials energy for procedure of machinery during the hair.
The excess is sold to personal power organizations. A famous hydroelectric
dam is visible when you look at the picture left. Here is the Hoover
Dam, which will be located on the Colorado River near Las vegas, nevada, Nevada.
The dam provides power for use in Nevada, Arizona and California.

Source: techalive.mtu.edu
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