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March 24, 2016
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Hoover Dam Tour

The Hoover Dam journey provides a unique way to see, find out and value what Hoover Dam is all about. This trip provides directed research into less popular parts of the dam, and persists more than the Powerplant journey.

The very first Dam journey emerges at 9:30 a.m. (Pacific Time); tours continue every half hour through the day until 3:30 p.m. This guided tour emerges on a first come-first provided basis (only 20 folks permitted for each trip), and lasts about 60 minutes. The path requires over a mile of walking on cement or comparable difficult areas.

No reservations are taken with this trip; tickets must certanly be bought at Hoover Dam (bank cards and money accepted).



Grownups, Seniors, Juniors & U.S. Military $30.00
NO children under age 8 permitted

Note: This tour isn't accessible for site visitors
with wheelchairs or crutches

Because of circumstances beyond our control, Dam tours are cancelled sporadically without prior notice.


To get the most satisfaction from your own trip to Hoover Dam, we advice the next guide:

To enter the Visitor Center, take the escalator or elevator over the roadway through the Visitor Center down below street level into the protection checkpoint/ticketing location:

Visitor Center Presentations and Displays - Theater Level

  • Theater Level shows: After you buy your solution, you will discover yourself in the lobby of the Visitor Center's Theater Level. Shows, maps, photographs alongside displays offer an introduction to Hoover Dam.
  • Theater: visitors Center Theater is also with this degree. A 10-minute film describes the contributions of Hoover Dam towards the building West, in addition to huge construction work behind the engineering marvel.

Within the Powerplant

  • After leaving the Theater, you'll take an elevator with this exact same level to enter the Hoover Dam Powerplant. From right here, a 70-second elevator trip goes 530 feet down through the rock wall surface of Ebony Canyon to begin with a one-hour led tour. You are going to exit the elevator into a tunnel drilled in the 1930s for construction, and take a short stroll into Penstock Viewing system.
  • Penstock Viewing: This place is atop one (of four) associated with the huge 30-foot-diameter pipelines that can transport nearly 90, 000 gallons of liquid each 2nd from Lake Mead to the dam's hydroelectric generators. An animated show helps describe the complexities associated with the building of the dam, and exactly how it currently works.
  • Powerplant Generators: A quick elevator drive to the Nevada powerplant balcony takes you to a panoramic view for the 650-foot-long Nevada wing regarding the powerplant and eight regarding the dam's 17 huge generators. In addition, never skip the gorgeous and intricate terrazzo floor styles under your foot. A good spot for photographs!
  • Inspection Galleries: Navigate through these tunnels to explore seldom seen aspects of the dam itself. See some of the evaluation markings written on the wall space from decades past. Then peek out-of atmosphere ports opening toward downstream face of dam while experiencing the breezes rising from the river below. Explore further to see an amazing set of stairs reaching into the dark depths associated with dam's mass of concrete, and other tunnels that wind their way throughout the structure.

Visitor Center Presentations and Exhibits - Display Level

  • You will leave this part of the tour on top associated with dam, of course you did not have a chance to check out all quantities of the customer Center, you are able to re-enter the facility through ticketing entrance. From right here, you'll take the elevators in the heart of the gathering into the Visitor Center display Gallery (one floor up through the Theater Level you entered).
  • Exhibit Gallery: This gallery houses many sound, visual and interactive exhibits, including a full-scale type of the huge buckets used to go concrete for Hoover Dam building, a walk-though type of generator, and reveal diorama associated with dam. In addition featured tend to be interactive displays that allow one to test thoroughly your ability at managing power generation, conserving energy, alongside skills.

Visitor Center - Observation Deck Amount

  • The Observation Deck: you have access to this top flooring associated with the Visitor Center if you take either the stairs or elevator right beside the entry for the Exhibit Gallery. This floor includes available and enclosed observation places offering panoramic (and camera-worthy!) views of Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, the Colorado River as well as other functions. Regarding the open/outside deck, an audio presentation offers significant information about the dam and its own environment. In, view a model regarding the Hoover Dam avoid Bridge and a sculpture portraying most of the advantages that Hoover Dam provides on Colorado River Basin states.

Street Amount Showcases and Exhibits

  • Winged numbers of the Republic: This bronze masterpiece is right next door from Visitor Center. A presentation at this site covers the concepts the singer had head in producing the statues, plus details pertaining to the "star map" at its base. An in depth compass framed by the astrological signs, and bronze seals of this seven Colorado River Basin states will also be featured in this region.
  • The Old display Building: in the event that you continue walking toward Lake Mead from Winged Figures plaza, just about to happen, you will observe the Old Exhibit Building. Initially utilized as a headquarters for soldiers protecting the dam during World War II, this building served while the dam's first customer center. It includes academic displays and offers a narrative overview of the Colorado River Basin highlighted through a topographical design showing the positioning of dams and reservoirs across the river as well as its tributaries.
Nevada Intake Towers
  • Nevada and Arizona Spillways: for each side of the dam (toward the pond) are huge spillways that made to direct high-water from Lake Mead around the dam through tunnels into the canyon walls. The spillways are incredibly huge that some sort of War II battleship is floated in every one!
  • The Nevada consumption Towers: Above the Nevada side of the dam, a sound presentation provides information regarding the part these towers have in Hoover Dam's power generation process, and details about a number of the artwork included into the towers regarding the downstream face regarding the dam.
Source: www.usbr.gov
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