Bakun hydroelectric dam

September 22, 2021
Bakun hydroelectric dam

The Bakun hydroelectric project is situated in central Sarawak on the Balui tributary for the Rejang River, approximately 180 kilometer by road east of Bintulu in the shore.

The project features a 205 m high concrete encountered rockfill dam (the next highest dam of its enter the planet) with a double chute spillway of 15, 000 m3/s complete capacity. The ability place includes eight 300 MW nominal capacity creating devices in a surface power place structure situated at base of the dam.

Each unit is supplied from one energy conduit ranging in size from 7 m diameter the steel lined high-pressure sections, to 8.5 m diameter for the tangible lined areas and shafts. The devices aren't equipped with inlet valves, and for product separation rely on hydraulically operated intake gates located on the power intake structure, right beside the spillway gates and draft tube outlet gates on the downstream wall surface of this energy section.

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