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April 28, 2016
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Watreco's liquid treatement items utilize the patented Vortex Generator and technology system VPT (Vortex Process tech) to generate energy-efficient, low-cost solutions for many water therapy problems. The device really functions causing water to quickly swirl straight down an ever-tightening coil of networks. This forces contaminants and/or air bubbles (according to the application) into a column in the center of the swirling water. At the conclusion of the process vacuum pressure quickly sucks this line out, making water utilizing the desired properties behind.

Key Differentiators

The Vortex Generator devices use no moving components and incredibly small external capacity to resolve numerous water-related problems. The REALice item treats liquid such that it contains fewer tiny micro bubbles of atmosphere which lowers the insulating capability of this ice and yields lower energy consumption and better quality ice at ice rinks. The Limeteq item utilizes the Vortex Generator to change the dwelling regarding the lime crystals in water from calcite to aragonite, causing notably less limescale build up resulting in longer-lasting pipes and reduced use of harmful cleaning chemical substances. Within the Greenteq product, the viscosity of liquid is lowered as well as the molecules tend to be structured in a suitable form in order for flowers can make use of the liquid better. This technology can also be used to eliminate contaminants from water in a successful and energy-efficient means.

Biomimicry Tale

The Vortex Generator ended up being impressed by a trout's ability to hold constant in the present of a lake or flow. Water rushing into a trout's lips is forced into ever-tightening vortices as it passes through the gills and back to the present. This permits the trout to put on constant even yet in inconsistent or violent flows.

Challenges Solved

Inefficient ice development and retention; limescale build up in water transportation methods; inefficient water filtration and purification; using chemical compounds and detergents for pipe cleaning; bad liquid high quality for plant development

Source: asknature.org
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